Harness the power of XPages to create world-class Notes and
Domino Web applications for a Web 2.0 world
  • Build industrial-strength, first-class Notes and Domino applications with
    more functionality than ever — in less time
  • Get hands-on experience with the entire XPage process — from creating the
    NSF, forms, and views to custom controls and page navigation
  • Extend your Notes/Domino world to include all the Web 2.0 principles,
    design techniques, and UI tactics and technologies that you need to round
    out your development skills
  • Leverage XPages development technologies such as JSFs, zero-code AJAX,
    servlets, JavaScript toolkits, and CSS,
    and know when to utilize each one for
    the task at hand
  • Extract the full functionality from Domino Designer and XPages — you’re
    paying for it, so get the most from it. Hint: making new apps can get a whole
    lot easier!
  • Go mobile — faster! Get your applications ready for mobile devices with the
    open source mobile app development template
  • Get practical, real world instruction on everything XPages, along with tips,
    tricks, and gotchas—the latest information on what's new in 8.5.x included!.
October, 29-31
Las Vegas
November 13-15

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